Summerhill Solar Farm Project

The five-megawatt installation west of the city of Newcastle, NSW Australia at the Summerhill Waste Management Centre will significantly reduce Council’s annual $4 million electricity bill, after it doubled in the past two years.

The solar farm will produce enough energy to run the equivalent of 1300 households and will cost $8 million.

14,500 solar panels will be installed across an area the size of five football fields .

It will be built on a capped landfill site that was once part of the Wallsend Borehole Colliery.

Hunter Cargo & Customs and Lendlease will work with Energy Made Clean, which is owned by Western Australia-based company Carnegie Clean Energy, to design and build the facility.

The winning tender to build the farm was selected following an expression of interest process that attracted 18 submissions from around the world.

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