Information For Exporters

Special Instructions

All Timber Packaging must be fumigated and contain Fumigation certificate or ISPN15+ Stickers attached.

Dangerous Goods shipments must be declared accordingly and must supply MO41 and MSDS in order to get approval for shipment.

All shipments require Packing Lists and Commercial Invoices

Shippers to supply the following documents for an export shipment:


Commercial Invoice

Packing List

Please check with us if there are any other additional documents required by the country it is being exported to.

Packaging requirements:

All timber packaging must be treated ISPM +15

Dangerous Goods shipment requirements for Export booking:


MSDS – Material safety data sheet

Labeling requirements : All shippers to have DG accredited employees package and label.

MO41 must be completed & signed by a DG accredited individual at the shippers premises.

USA / Europe & China customs reporting

Shipper to provide all documents 48hr prior to packing of the container to do reporting.

Please see our page on container dimensions here