News Update – November 2021

The terminals throughout Australia are currently still being affected by industrial action, COVID, congestion, staffing among others. These issues are resulting in extensive delays and the potential need for some shipping lines to omit certain ports to maintain their scheduled routings. Thus, cargo may not always arrive and be delivered in the timeframes as required.

As we progress further towards Christmas and the new year these delays are going to intensify, which may result in additional charges being incurred and passed on including storage, detention etc.

HCC will continue to organise for collection and delivery of cargo as soon as possible, However, delays caused by the above means are out of our control, so please ensure your customers are all aware of these potential delays/costs to your consignments.

Some further information relating to MUA industrial action and other terminal issues can be found on the below links and can be referenced for continual updates as to where the terminals are at in the coming months.

Media Releases – Patrick Terminals

DP World Australia: News and Media

News Centre | Maritime Union of Australia (

For the current measures relating to Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) and Khapra Beetle these can be found on the following links. Please ensure your suppliers are completely aware of these measures to avoid additional delays, costs, or rejection of the consignment at time of arrival.

If you are planing on importing new non-road spark ignition engines, please ensure you read through the requirements on the following link and that your supplier is aware of what they need to provide to satisfiy AWE.

Product emissions standards – DAWE

If you need assistance with anything, please don’t hesitate to call on 0249220900 or email one the below departments.

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